编辑 中国推介

2019-09-06 15:02

My dear friends,
I am Dong’an Zhao. As the mayor of Qujialing, with a great honor and pleasure, please let me introduce you our very lovely city, which I assure you, will certainly be one of your most favorite places in China and all over the world.
       Located in the north of Jianghan Plain, which was named for the confluence of the two big mother rivers of Chinese civilization, Yangtze and Han rivers, Qujialing is understood to be the earliest cradle of Yangzi farming civilization, with little doubt nor controversy. Extensive archeological evidence points to Qujialing as the birthplace of cultivated rice of the country, with rice seeds and pottery weaving implements dating back at least 5,000 years been found.
       For many years, the residents of Qujialing have invested tremendous efforts to preserve and carry forward this glorious farming culture heritage. As the first and largest state farm in Hubei Province, Qujialing today is still THE most important grain base in Hubei and in China, with its products sold very well both at home and abroad to North America, West Europe, and Japan, so on so forth. After promoting intensive industry-academy-research cooperation, it is not only that Qujialing’s agricultural outputs are in the lead; but also we are the front runner in terms of agricultural technological innovation. Imagine an agricultural silicon valley, that is our Qujialing, the Chinese agricultural valley.
       While on many occasions lauding a place as having a pleasant weather and a beautiful landscape is bordering upon cliché, it is just too unfair for me to not mention it about Qujialing. I sincerely hope all of you will have the opportunity to come to Qujialing, to find out yourself that this place truly deserves the accolade. Covering a diverse range of views including mountains, grassy plains, and waterways, Qujialing is Hakone with authentic Chinese style. Also, as local people adore the spotted deer, calling them the “fairy of the forest”, Qujialing, as the largest deer breeding base of the country, is well-known as the Chinese version of Nara.
       在很多时候,夸赞某地气候宜人,风景秀丽,简直可谓陈词滥调。但若我不提及此点,则对屈家岭甚为不公。最好的办法是你们亲自来屈家岭体验,以发现此地确实值得这种夸赞。山峦秀丽,流水潺潺,屈家岭可谓是中国版本的Hakone. 而当地人喜爱鹿这种动物,称之为林中精灵,因而屈家岭,作为全国最大的梅花鹿养殖基地,又有中国奈良的美誉。
       Qujialing is worldwide famous for its 5,000-year black pottery production history. Making a balance between beauty and utility, as well as technique and art, the type of black pottery Qujialing offers is like no other pottery in the world. Amazing stories can be found behind these beautiful handmade handicrafts, and they are literally the messengers of ancient Chinese civilization that come cross centuries to us. Come to Qujialing in springs, when the peach trees are in full blossom, you will happily join us in the Peach Blossom Festival; Also come in falls, enjoying our nationally renowned juicy yellow peaches, sharing our joy of celebrating the annual harvest. Whenever you come, you will get a taste of the profound Chinese farming culture, you will feel the connection between ancient art and modern style, and most importantly, you will experience the warm enthusiasm of the local people and have a very joyful time.
       On behalf of all the local residents of Qujialing, I welcome you all to my wonderful city, welcome! Thank you.